My little mascot Annie~♥

 This is Annie Feder who I happened to discover in my vintage photo travels....I am inspired by this little girl who has made a choice to be creative in the space she has been given.....

I'm certain she would love to come along with me to my new creative space in Townsend....

You will see her little image on the back of the "Two Wheelers" tags that are dangling from anything hand~made by me..... a little Annie to inspire all of us ...♥

My artistic family will all have their own "mascot" to identify their artwork~I am anxious to see what they find....I will be sure to post each one~

My tags..♥


  1. I love it, too! I wonder what she grew up to become!? I always like to hear the "rest of the story"!

  2. Annie is so dear; reminds me of my hang tag which is also on my blog. It's a photo of my Daddy, 1934, when he was 7 and had twin black lambs.


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