Storm A........

Storm "A" is winding down~we are getting ready for storm"B" tomorrow which they say is a d00zie.....
We have heat and lights and Maggie says"bring it on..."


  1. Wonderful picture... I wish I could show Hannah this photo of Maggie!

  2. This is the second time your photo of your puppy has made it as background on my computer.....too cute!

  3. hey gurl it's here in indiana right now all we hear is a bunch of ice pellets hitting our windows. and oh boy the wind its fierce gusts upto 40 mph. good luck stay warm and be ready lots of power outages.

  4. Good to know Maggie is enjoying the storms. Stay warm....

  5. Storm B is here in Wisconsin. I have food, firewood and flashlights...just in case! I've found my dog is a better predicter of weather than the weather man! Stay warm and safe.

  6. I was watching my husband try to unearth the front porch today for the sake of the mailman and I got all sad thinking about all the dogs that probably didn't make it through the storm. The dogs that were left to fend for themselves in their pens or strays trying to find a place out of the wind.

    Glad to see Maggie has a warm, dry, loving home!


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