Its' my daughters birthday so I bought myself a!

I happen to l0ve Where Women Do, sew, cook,draw,imagine....I want them ALL!!!
But I have" limited" myself to Where Women Work, Where Women Cook, and Artful Blogging....which is indulgent I know but also SO inspirational (which excuses the excess.....)
This months edition of WWC is, as always, amazing.....take a peek for yourself....♥

This is Joy Stinger who is a beekeeper and creates her own candles and honey...beautiful article....

 Mary Jane Butters is featured.....need I say more.....unbelievable article with the most wonderful photos.....

 Mamma Agata~she is beautiful and her recipes.....oh my.....and the photos......
 So much love and many cheers to my favorite firstborn~I must not forget to make her birthday cookies......♥


  1. This is a great issue; just loved seeing where others live and work.

  2. I love all those books too, just got the WW cook and create ones. My mother always got herself something for my birthday. It was always a big joke, she would call and tell me what she had gotten.

  3. OMG toooo funny those are the same one's i luv too. i can't ever wait for the new issues to come out and then i carry them everywhere looking at them for inspiration or just to brighten my day if it's stressful.
    hope you have a great weekend!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your very special daughter, you pick out a great present for yourself, I mean you did raise her correct? Wonderful issue also love the where they creata issues......Have a wonderful weekend!
    Also love the Valentine quilt you did, beautiful colors and work on this!

  5. Looks like a great book. When I went vegetarian, I got myself a few good books.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my little blog "elsie's girl". I've read through all your winter posts and so enjoyed all your grandkid photos, quilting, and yarn projects. Congrats on your 10 year survivor milestone. Great music, quotes, and lots of love here in this blog :)

  7. Three of these ladies live close to my house....nice and pretty and can cook! The new issure is already out since this one, can you believe it?


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