No Strings.......

I took maggie may for a "fluff and buff" at the LaundroMutt on Tuesday~I passed the time by doing a little shopping, some reading and a little crotcheting in the car...(...she had a few knots...) So when I picked her up 3 hours later i was SO happy to be on my way home....I was driving along and all these cars were HONKING at me and waving..I quickly tried to remember if I had left a coffee on the roof or forgot to close a door so I pulled over and a young girl came running over to the passengers window with a muddy ball of red yard that was rolling behind me.....good grief....I thanked her and unfurled the yarn from around my tire and crawled back into my embarrassing......ha!!!


  1. LOL, that would be so embarrassing! At least it wasn't toilet paper hanging out of your pants. I had a customer that had that once.

  2. That is hilarious! Shows what you like to do.

  3. How cute is that - your drawing - that put a smaile on all of our frozen faces!

  4. OH NO!
    Love your artwork and Maggie looks very pretty :)
    Thanks for the smiles and giggles

  5. Maggie looks adorable and the yarn story made me smile..

  6. Your dog is adorable. What kind of dog is he?

  7. Sooo funny! This happened to me in an airport when I was getting a golf cart ride. My ball of knitting just flew out behind us and people were running, shouting and there I was, clueless. It all ended well when the driver heard the commotion and stopped so I could get my ball of yarn.
    Many thanks for your kind comments and prayers. When I was completely overwhelmed, it helped to remember you and others were standing in the gap and praying. God bless you!


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