Inspiration from Mia!!

Mia from Norway posted some photos of her beautiful finished afghan on her blog

I have decided to take the PLUNGE and give one a go .......these are my first few sqaures...♥

 If you are looking for a great tutorial for connecting squares visit Lucy at

This is Mias blanket below...gorgeous!!!!!


  1. "E's"MomFebruary 15, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    Absolutely Beautiful!!
    Standing by and waiting to follow your lead~~~~

  2. I found this afghan about four days ago. I bought yarn to give it a try also,the tough decision was what colors to do it in. But, the pinks & green won! I have 3 blocks done already. So now I can add another project to my list of things to get done. But at least this one, I can carry with me and work on it, in my spare moments.


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