This little munchie has a coolatta blanket....♥ (she calls herself "big E")
So~this little munchie ( the little queen mother) asked her Nana E to make HER a "COOLATTA" blanket......♥
Thank you again to  for teaching this Nana this ripple pattern~ It is a project that fits all around and in between my busy days~there is nothing like a basket of knitting or crotcheting waiting for you when you settle into your comfy spot at the end of the day... I should be fitting some cleaning in there somewhere.....hmmmm.....maybe tomorrow....~lol!


  1. That is sooooo sweet. I just love the words kids make up for things (and that's why at our house Chinese food is "chah-wah" food).
    I'm impressed that you manage to fit in another type of needlework.

  2. cute blankets, cute cute munchies!

  3. What a beautiful baby munchkin. :-)
    x x x x
    What are us Nana's for ?

  4. Hello eileen,
    how lovely of you to pop by!The blanket is gorgeous! such pretty colours too!
    Thank you kindly for the puppy advice. We have tried the ouch method! Unfortunately wilson just thinks it is a game and play bites me harder!Even though I do my serious cross face! At the mo I'm trying the method where I stand up and avert eye contact! Fingers crossed that this might work!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  5. Mom!!! Her tutorial is the best...I think I have it now!!!

  6. Adorable kiddos! and what fun coolattas! Great kid colors.


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