Things that make me smile~

This little munchie grand~daughter who stopped by on the Fourth of July is always prepared for a photo op...
I suggested we take one with her brother who was also decked out in his red, white and blue~Well, she held him much too tightly by the throat, (while posing) and had him in a fit of tears and on the floor...not pretty...then she hopped back up into the chair in the event I needed more shots...she has a little bit cute and a little bit guilty look on her face!

I bought this wreath for my house and I have never liked it from the moment I hung it~I even gave it to my daughter one afternoon while we were talking on the porch...She forgot it.........hmmmmm....!!
Well now I can see that an interior decorator has moved in and made some adjustments....What can I say? I'm happy someone loves it!


  1. That's delightful.
    The nest I mean not the brother strangling!

  2. Love that the bird chose to make a nest there! Wonderful.

  3. I have a recent bird family right near my front door. It was so wonderful to watch the little wrens hatch and grow! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia


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