Heart and Home Quilt

I have VERY high hopes along with my friend Kathy to finish this beautiful BOM we bought a bit ago at http://www.thequiltedcrow.com/ . We managed to cut out the first block (x2) and arrange the pieces for sewing onto a little flannel board. Oh my.....wish us luck...not a house fit to live it just yet.....lol!


  1. So is this house block to be appiqued? I thinks its going to be a pretty block .Please show us when your done with it !!

  2. Hi Betty~This block is all pieced~When I signed on somehow I thought it was applique~ hmmmmm......I need to pay better attention!! So now to plan B which is piecing all these building parts~lol! And then there is that fence to build......O my....

  3. Very pretty quilt! Looks like this one will keep you a bit busy with all those little pieces to assemble & applique'.
    Good luck with it - I look forward to seeing your progress!

  4. Hey E I can't wait to have our sleep over!!!!!! I can't wait to see you!! I am soooooo exited to spend time with you!

    Love, kate

  5. E I almost forgot, how silly of me
    Merry Christmas!!


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