Hands to Work and Hearts to God~

(this is a sample pic from Jodis' blog)

We womenfolk got together last Saturday to begin to make Jodis' quilt~otherwise known as a Simple Hourglass I believe......We used Jodis' templates and her tutorial and got started on three different quilt tops~Thank you again Jodi from  http://www.pleasant-home.com/ . We gathered on the second anniversary of my Dads' passing which really felt productive and comforting all at the same time. We are taking photos of the process as we go and will meet agin next week for chapter two! Maybe not take the wine out so early next time? lol!

Whenever I hear Mary Black I think of my Dad~He spent a great deal of time over in Ireland and when he was home he spent a great deal of time thinkin' of going back.....When I went with him I saw men who looked like him on every corner....♥


  1. Love it!
    Who suggested wine for goodness sake? lol
    You'll have to admit it was an inspirational 'words to live by" session
    No Regrets

  2. Now, you just have to decide on when you will return here.


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