SnOwStOrMs~family~and my grandmothers quilt~♥♥♥

Life in New England~ We all knew at some level that our winter has been SO mild from 2014 into 2015 so it comes as no surprise that now we are getting storm after storm right?
Thank goodness for hard working husbands, snowblowers, and woodstoves....

Millie is looking around her yard...wondering what happened...where are her squirrel friends today?

 The birds are coming up with their emergency preparedness plan......lots to chirp about~♥

My poor daughter has pneumonia and has been "down for the count" for this past week. This ol' gal has the perfect cure for just about anything that ails you...Hot Tortellini soup and Grandmas buns to the rescue...

And of course there are the quilts....lots and LOTS of quilts in progress here at 67 Byam Rd.
This double wedding ring quilt is making its way up my design wall little by little~

My quilt is inspired by my memories at my grandmothers house on "20 Clinton Street" and so it now has an official name which makes it such a JOY to work on...

I added some green fabric to represent the trellis that held her red roses over her front door..

I also found some white on white chicken fabric to use in the center of the rings to celebrate all the warm fuzzy memories in her chicken c00p as a child...

And of course all her apple I am stitching some pretty words and thinking of a tiny appliqued apple tree...

It feels like a journal.....It feels good.

I thought I would show you how I repaired my sewing chair arms with some fancy spotted duct tape...this gives my chair another 20 years at least!

And here is a SUPER cute little monkey ready to mail after the storm today along with his brothers!

 Made by Colleen D. over at MYBLANKIES

Quilted by moi!


  1. Que nevada tan intensa, aquí donde yo vivo en Alicante ( España ) no nieva de esa manera.
    Pero ya veo que tienes para no aburrirte con tu quilt, precioso te esta quedando, que mejore tu hija

  2. Now that's a lot of the white stuff! It does look beautiful though ")

  3. Those buns look delicious. Must smell really good and taste wonderful! Save some for me.


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