Dreaming of Spring, Inspiration and beautiful Quilty things~

The "Blizzard Sisters" made their way to our home last weekend to spend some time playing and sewing....eating and creating.....
Tara and E always camera ready.....rascals~
 Little "E" is chomping at the bit to get her hands on my quilting machine.....she is learning how to load a quilt onto the frame....her quilt top is in the line~up! Meanwhile she helps choose thread, organizes my pins and unwraps batting ~ all sorts of necessary jobs!

Kate is on the other side of the table working on her handwork while I think about my design on this sweet quilt~
Kate loved helping with the 20 Clinton St. quilt ~ looking thru her own fabric stash for a memory quilt of her own.....

 Lots of time for hot cups of tea.....♥♥♥

And right in the middle of our wonderful weekend, the Girl scout cookies came in!!!
Some to be brought home to the girls houses...
if there are any left~

Kate made two very sweet pillowcases front and back with her favorite fabrics
One for herself and one for her lucky Nana E~
She spent the better part of two days at the sewing machine.
The seat never cooled between her and I~

 Emma worked on a lampshade for the back porch using buttons and fabric hearts and words of wisdom~
We are planning our next KITE KWILTZ meeting for this Saturday the 28th and have a menu planned and some fun projects~

These young ladies inspire me.....

every visit~


  1. How wonderful that they have a interest in sewing :-D
    They are learning from the best !

  2. It's great that the girls are so into sewing.....and they're so pretty, too!

  3. Looks like a creative weekend. What fun!


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