Finding my way around a Double Wedding Ring design~best.husband.ever.~and New England winter~

For starters~

 I actually have 2 Double wedding Ring quilts that I am making......both for the first time.

I thought I should make the one that will belong to me first~work out all or most of the kinks in my learning curve and then move toward the second which is for a wonderful project due this fall~ (more about that later...)

So here I am.....with number 1DWR which I have named 20 Clinton Street...I spent lots of time thinking about the design, the color, and the placement of color...

Then I got busy cutting all the pieces necessary according to my color layout.

So now I decided to add some embroidered center pieces so I made some adjustments to the original...

Then I decided I wanted some roses climbing along the green "trellis".
Now I needed something a little more detailed so I would not lose my place...

So I made a new colored paper map with the rows separated so that I could put them to the side once my row was finished....
My brain likes!

Of course all around and in between I am thinking of sayings and words that remind me of my grandmothers house....I write them everywhere....

Then I found it was really helpful for me to have my "garage" of extra or half done melons behind me on the quilt wall so that when I was stumped for a particular color combo I could look at my DWR stash....

So here I am with one row sewn......which is a really big deal when you have an imagination like mine that has a very hard time staying in the lines.....


I got a lovely Valentine today in the mail from my husband......these are actually for me "sewing room outfits" lol!

Perfectly perfect~♥

And of course it is still snowing here in New England with two more storms predicted in the next 7 days~ I am well taken care of by this guy~♥


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  2. I love your new nightgowns! They look like cozy lanz flannel. Your quilts of memories of Nana's reminds me of a favorite book, The Bedspread

    Love the picture of Ron! He looks so happy in the snow! <3

  3. Your quilt is looking very pretty. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. You have put a lot of thought and design time into the double wedding ring quilt. I look forward to seeing everything come together. I have made several double wedding ring quilts but all were gifts or sold.


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