More "LoNgArM LoVeLeTTeRs" and summertime......finally....

This memory quilt has the cutest peeks at a toddlers wardrobe.....It is VERY big and so I took pictures in bits~and on different days...with different!
Lavender on lavender...."Amazing Grace" is Moms "LoVeLeTTer"
Quilt top by MYBLANKIES
Quilted by moi.

Take a close look and you can see that I used a lower case "g" and then corrected myself~AHEM!! (what was I thinking?) And a tip for longarmers...just spritz it with water and the previous lines disappear! I will do that as soon as I get off my blog~please let me remember......

My "Spooneylove" kids (my daughters) playing at "E's and Grampies house on a hot summer day....

Vinniedoodles stayed in the sprinkler till he was shivering.....babies and waterplay=LOVE.


  1. Just Gorgeous Eileen ! I love how you quilted a message on the quilt . A very personal touch

  2. AMAZING quilting!! *** LOVE***
    What a sweet water baby!!

  3. Oh Robin...your header photo made me draw a deeeeeeeeep breath and sigh. How absolutely delightful is that room! I can imagine sitting in there, cuppa in hand, talking about this or that, perhaps knitting...or not...while two, or more, kindred souls chatted and noodled an afternoon away. Like Thoreau said, "One chair for solitude, two for company, three for society"...or some such.


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