Hooking essentials.....Quilting essentials....Nana E essentials....

I am so looking forward to watching this DVD I purchased from Deanne Fitzpatricks studio~
I am working on a trio of small hooked rugs called 20 Clinton Street to capture some really special memories of time spent with my grandparents...so fun~
Also at the MQX in Manchester this past year I met a vendor named Cynthia Ellis who makes the most lovely hand turned hooking needles and scissor holders etc. The wooden scissor holder (complete with scissors) is magnetic and perfect for a rug hooker or a quilter.

So true, right?

A baby boy special for MYBLANKIES

Quilting essentials~  Millie on the lookout and my chalk....

Someone asked me recently about lessons for machine quilting~where would they go ~ what classes did I attend~ I told them about a dozen or so classes I took~ all very interesting...I would go back and forth to each class that first year I had my machine and nothing really clicked until I saw Pam Clarke using her chalk and her grids.....I realized that was all I was really looking for in the end was a guide for freehand quilting~

It clicked because in that moment it set me free with my box of chalk and some lines to keep me somewhat contained....lol!

My one of a kind garden knome....and yes he is as munchie as he looks.....


  1. Those small hooked rugs are wonderful ! Looking forward to watching your progress on these. I really enjoy seeing all of the quilting you do ! You do such beautiful freehand quilting , each quilt is a true piece of art !


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