I suppose I am a sparrow.....

"I suppose I am a sparrow...a stay at home bird~" Gladys Taber

This mini rug was inspired by Susan Branch and her talk last weekend in Connecticut....I had to get this one done in wool~

 I am using more textures thanks to Deanne Fitzpatricks great tutorials~ and my sister-in -laws bags of goodies from her travels~

This is the little picture of a sparrow I am referencing.....mine is a little chubbier.....

Late day sun on the porch~time to make something good for supper~more hookin' tomorrow...

 Millie had a "fluff and buff" today~I always drop off a dog and pick up a very large white cat~ She napped for 3 hours straight from the trauma of a good bath~lol!


  1. Oh your little bird rug is absolutely adorable! Did you design it yourself? I think I would be a chickadee... Angela

    1. I looked at a lot of sparrow pictures and tried to find a cute one! Then I superglued it to my lamp base so it wouldn't blow away while I drew the pattern and referenced the feather colors~I think I ended up with a cute bird....a sparrow? maybe not....lol! E

  2. Wow ! You are something ! You really should have a twin to help you with all your ideas ! Mo


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