Snowstorm quilting~♥ Millie watching for flakes~

Every little birdhouse needs some new branches~♥

 Peppermint candy corners~

 Sitting pretty~

 Lovely branches~

 Simple green swirls on green background~the applique stitches are amazingly tiny Cali girl!

 I don't do straight lines...for some reason...ever~ Love this gingham~

Watching for snowflakes~
Shes not very good at her post~haha....

Its just beginning to snow here in MA. It's almost half past dark~♥ a few more stitches....


  1. I just love how you do the quliting on the top. It is so pretty.

  2. Wonderful quilt and quilting. Love your pup as well.

  3. Lovely quilt and Quilting. Such a cute puppy too.

  4. I LOVE IT Eileen ! As always you are doing amazing quilting on my quilt ! I look forward to watching more progress on your blog ! THANK YOU :-D

  5. Beautiful work of Cali Girl and Nantucket Girl !

  6. just beautiful, had to come and see!


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