Off to California!!

Oh how I would LOVE this quilt hanging in my family room this winter~♥ What a beautiful and whimsical quilt all done up in MY colors~♥ 

Off it travels to California to one of my favorite quilters~♥
I took some pictures in all kinds of lighting so you can appreciate the applique and thread texture~

 I cant stand the cuteness of these birds with reindeer antlers...

 safe travels....



  1. Thank you SO much Eileen! As always you do AMAZING quilting.on my quilts ! I am SO excited to get it back home . Merry Christmas !

  2. What a pretty quilt, you did a wonderful job quilting it too!

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful!
    Merry christmas to you and your family!

  4. Wonderful quilt Sue but Eileen your quilting is just beautiful. Wishing you and you family a very Merry Christmas! Cindy S

  5. WOW! That's amazing and beautiful; what a wonderful quilt!

  6. So happy I found your blog. Its delightful to look through your pictures!

  7. Your quilting is amazing - beautiful fun quilt! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Gorgeous Eileen! Wonderful work on Sue's quilt, love the feathers coming from the cute birds!
    Merry Christmas

  9. Awesome quilt and quilting! A very merry Christmas to you and yours!


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