Baby boy clothes, planes and stars~ Etsy order for a special little man~♥

All these little pennants made from very special baby boy clothes~My Blankie

A quilt for baby boy AND Mom I'm thinking~♥ Check out the Etsy shop above to place an order for your special little memory quilt~ I will post the finished quilt for you!


  1. Hey e I have finally found your recent blog as I was scrolling through all of the other blogs they bought ears to m eyes

    Love Kate

    1. Happy tears I hope!! I cant wait to spend some time sewing with you next week!! xo E

  2. I love the baby clothes planes and stars your designs are wonderful
    Love Kate

  3. Thank you Kate~I will show you how I do it this week~♥ I love that you can come visit me on my blog!! Girlfriends unite!


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