Thinking of spring gardens....and threadwork on teacups~

Opening up my sewing room early this morning~Its COLD and raining hard outside~sounds like a perfect day for sewing!

 These fabrics are very very sweet~ I am thinking of the threadwork that each little framed print deserves....

 On my design wall is a growing quilt! The bigger this quilt grows the more I want one for myself~♥

 I always love to make fabric from the signed selvage~Fabric pieces that tell the story of a special quilt...

Dreaming of Spring and Summer gardens as I take a peek in a "new" book given to me by my "swedish" sister last night (along with some apple cake and a beatrix potter clock~)

Millie at her post this morning watching for her friends that take a morning stroll down Robin Hill~♥


  1. I just found your blog!!! What a treat!!! I love, love the teacup quilt on your design wall!! Inspiration for some fabric I was just gifted!!!

    Enjoy your sewing day!



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