Marjorie Morningstar anyone?

Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk.......and why am I involved with Marjorie when I am knee deep in The End of Your Life Book Club? well it seems the authors mother was greatly moved in her life after reading this book so off I went to read a "sample" on my Ipad and I find her just too good to leave just yet......this is a wonderful book set in the 1930's on the eve of great change for women...

So I have already spun out of my main book to read "Crossing to Safety" and now off I go with Marjorie~
I will be back to my main book soon unless the library sends a posse out to retrieve it~

Great sunlight today for applique~bouncing off the 24 inches of snow outside!

 Isn't everyones TV on a TV? lol! A little Kevin Cosner to help my knee feel better while I sew~


  1. HAHAI had to laugh at your TV on a TV--it's exactly what my son suggested we do. At least you've bought the new TV--we're still debating where we should put one! And I've ordered in the Crossing to Safety book at my library!


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