Have you ever had to read a book before you read another?

 I was very excited to hear from the library that my turn was up to read "The End of Your Life Book Club". As I began to read the first chapter (very good!) I quickly realized that the author and his mother were discussing a book , a VERY important book called "Crossing to Safety" by Wallace Stegner.

 Well, I thought......should I continue on or should I read "Crossing To Safety" first.....

 You guessed it~I borrowed "Crossing" and read it first~(it was written in 1987 thank goodness so it was at the library~)

"Crossing" is a terrific "book club" book because it is such an emotional read~not dramatic~not violent~not sexy~It's about human connection and emotion and lifes curve balls that we all experience.

And so today I can begin to read this first chapter with my eyes OPEN to the discussion between the author and his mother~

And a blizzard coming tomorrow~PERFECT.

A valentine "Fluff and Buff" for Millie~♥


  1. Ooh, always on the lookout for suggestions for my book club. this sounds interesting, definitely going to look these up, thanks!
    And Millie looks gorgeous :-)

  2. Hey lady be safe and I hope you don't lose power and is looking really bad up your way...lots of snow. Btw did I miss something what happened to ms. Maggie?


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