Millie doing her morning laps around the yard in her new snow~

 Me loving my new Deanne Fitzpatrick design~a perfect week for hooking!~

 Some new fabric on my porch~ A valentine for a special little girl~ (Pam Kitty Love by Pam Kitty Morning for Lakehouse Dry Goods)

more hooking~

 "I don't feel the cold!!" This is AWESOME!!

 "This is nice too...."

This color....that color? Lights on? why not......


  1. Burrr good thing she has a thick fur coat :o)
    Lovely projects going on at your house.
    Have a great day.
    Always Queenie

  2. What a lovely valentine this will be! (The fabrics took me back to our local fabric shop in the 1950's choosing fabric for spring and summer dresses!) Beautiful!

  3. So many cosy things happening at your house, except the snow running maybe!

  4. wouldn't Nana and Ruthie love your creations~~~I imagine you have them with you
    proud Mom

  5. Your puppy is the same color as the burlap for your hooking project, so when I scrolled down and saw your dog, I did a double take! How darn cute!!! Fun, fun.


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