I am ONE WEEK out of surgery and getting stronger every day~Thank you MGH for repairing this old broads knee~ It always amazes me how the body heals itself even after 60 years of wear and tear..... I am up and about~made an appointment just this morning to have my new AVANTE set up next Tuesday!!! Whoo! Hoo! I will have some warm inside days to figure out the new bells and whistles...In the meantime I am spoiled by my family with great suppers and icepacks~woodstove warmth~great books and better company~I have no new projects to share only good news for today~Thank you to all my bloggy friends for your e-mails and comments of love and support~♥E


  1. Good luck for a speedy recovery. Loved the pic - I did a double take!

  2. Good news is the best news to share! Keep resting up and getting stronger knees :o)

  3. hope you continue to heal quickly and totally.

  4. Glad to hear you are doing so well, Eileen!! And I love your little slippers, darlin'!!

  5. Good to hear you are ok!. Somehow missed the blog where you hurt your knee:(. Anyways exciting about your new machine. Cant wait to see. Thanks for sharing pics of your hooking. I love rug hooking. Have not really done much but still have a couple of Deanne's books. Take care and be warm!

  6. Sending a warm hug your way for a quick recovery.

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