ThAnK GoOdNeSs FoR ApPliqUe!

I had a VERY nice visit with the owners of the Charlton sewing Center yesterday as they came as promised to set up my new long arm quilting machine~It feels good to fill that big empty room with a quilting  machine again! ( Too cloudy today for pictures..)

I cannot wait till this newly repaired knee can tolerate a few minutes of thread play~

In the meantime I have at least a half million projects I can entertain myself with including a search for just the right quilt to auction for a Cancer Walk Fundraiser in the Spring~My friend is walking so the LEAST I can do is make a pretty quilt~write some words of love into it for the special winner~

A public shout out to my friend Maryellen for raising money and raising HOPE!

 This is my project that entertains me thoroughly in my sewing room~Prim quilts are by far my very favorite~

 Freezer paper~remember to place rt and left facing onto the right side of the fabric....

 This will be mine......will someone please remind me...if you see a post about it going somewhere...♥

Millie enjoying the last of the snow before the fog came and ate it up!


  1. Oh my goodness Millie is big, you need to post some pics of the 2 of them together. Yes patience it's hard and especially since you ave a new toy how an you stand it? Hope all s well with you.

  2. Watching for pics of your new machine. Your knee will be better just in time for spring! I too love applique. It is my favorite thing. Since i started wearing bifocals it is a bit harder. I like the Laundry basket quilts patterns.


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