A Queens life~

My grand~daughter Kate is spending her first week (many to follow according to her schedule) with her Nana E and we are busy getting ready for our fair in Maine this August~ Kate has learned to cut wool and she is busy bundling up strips of 100 pieces of wool to sell at the fair~I told her she can keep all of the money from her hard work ...♥

We are making more signs and bundles of hand dyes wool along with vintage pillows, hooking equipment, books and all sorts of treats! 

Kate is also drawing her first rug-hooking story on linen called "Digging clams with Papa" to remember her early mornings on Martha's Vineyard with just her and her grandfather doing one of her favorite things~♥ She is a fast learner and I think I have a hooking friend for life.. 

Kate and I were sitting in the family room last night and she said to me,"Nana, you have the life of a Queen~I'm just telling you what I see.." I said,"Thanks Kate ~I completely agree and I can thank your grandfather for  that!"  

 If you have a moment go visit Deanne Fitzpatrick in Amherst Nova Scotia  www.hookingrugs.com
 She has a beautifully written blog and a wonderful store for all things wool~


  1. You are the Queen and Kate is the princess! Lovely! : )

  2. What wonderful memories you are making with Kate. Wish I lived closer to go your fair. Hope you sell out.

  3. They grow up so fast. Enjoy your time with the Grandbabies.

    I love the fabric you used for the pillow and quilt in your header. Could you tell me what the name of them are?


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