First Sunday in July

This first Sunday in July has landed like a HOLY DAY after a very busy and blessed month of June. This morning will be nice hot coffee, breakfast and papers with my hubby (we call that church in our house..)
Here are some pictures of June.....
This is truly a "boy and his dog" picture~♥ Millie loves the kids

Another of Nate and Isabel and co.

Two dogs are harder and easier than one~all at the same time..

My favorite time by far is with my two new baby boys~♥♥  Minnie Vinnie

Mr. B (Beckett) SO SWEET!!
yesterday we had a BLOW-OUT yardsale and saw old friends and new and made $625.00 and the kicker is......IT IS ALL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!  WHOOPEE!!

 Sr. Arlenes quilt on its last path~the backing was 2 inches shy.........(to all the quilters reading know what that means...) I had two choices~jump in a river.....OR fix I fixed it...It will be mailed out TOUTE SUITE!!!!


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