"He who laughs~lasts" Mary Poole

Lots to do before the fair but there is always time for inspiration......

I have really fallen for Deanne Fitpatricks blog www.hookingrugs.com and along with her and Doris Eaton I was reminded to "draw what I live" for the designs for my rugs~ 
Deanne says,"Don't let anyone tell you how to use your hands" 
As a quilter and rug hooker I think sometimes I get so caught up in the designers around me that I forgot to look inside for my best ideas ~Deanne reminded me..

Doris Eaton has a wonderful tutorial on YouTube for her "new" way of finishing a rug~It is really wonderful~And while you are there check out Deanne Fitzpatricks videos t00!!  
 Frans beauty for one of her grand~daughters...
" reminders" remain close to the quilt~
Millie is missing Maggie today~these two are so in touch in a dog sort of way that intrigues me...Maggie has to stay quiet for this week after her surgery and Millie keeps her eye on her..♥

Maggie is still a little "snowed" from her meds.....poor darlin'


  1. Eileen - I love your new hooked rug and the sentiment is sew perfect!! And Fran's beauty looks fabulous - it looks like some Kaffe prints!! Lucky granddaughter!! Why bamboo batting?? And prayers for Maggie!!

  2. Your rug looks good your lettering is spot on. Poor Maggie I hope she ok and on the road to recovery.

  3. Great saying on the rug, we would all be better to want less. Hope the pup is on the mend, how sweet that the two love each other so ~


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