WINNER for the Quilt Kit and ongoing lessons.....oh my...

Judy C. from Black Cat Quilting is the winner of the Cottage Creek quilt kit~stop by and visit Judy at ! Thank You for all who participated and DO KNOW that I am still cleaning!! There will be more goodies soon~♥

Late night sewing room binding and American Idol watching.....

 Working on my wool stash....the root cause of my de-stashing~
 Pay attention Eileen....
 This is the quilt I am putting on my frame this morning~(will iron first) A very pretty hand embroidered quilt with soft flannel frames~

 And HERE is the lesson.......just when I thought I was in the clear....another off white backing to make me check~check~check the underside for any character flaws.......It is far better to check as you go then to find a whole row of OH MY GOSH waiting for reverse quilting! Wish me luck~♥

 Thank goodness the girls are fast friends now and entertain themselves in a variety of ways while I work in my quilting room~ This is a view out of the window as I quilt~♥♥


  1. Love the colors in your wool quilt and the quilt on your frame is beautiful!

  2. Your wool looks so organized and ready for projects!! : ) Inspiring!! : )


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