Quilting~new puppy shopping~drawing~hookin'~knee fixin'

Maggie has some news~she is having a litter due in May~the handsome sire is Fender and you can find him at www.snugharborlabradoodles.com 
While we were waiting for Maggie we visited with "Millie" our newest pup who will be coming home next week~She is also a guardian dog from www.tipoftheshorelabradoodles.com and will have a breeding future when she is a bit older~ For now she will have a wonderful time bouncing around with Maggie~ I will post pictures as soon as I get them! 

(Millie was the name of my aunts very best friend in life so I thought Maggie should have a Millie in her life...)

 My patterns are selling well on Ebay and I have been busy drawing some new designs~We are drawing a series called "The Cats in their Hats"

 Wool has also for sale on Ebay~we are busy sorting and measuring our "wool to keep" and "wool to sell"

Customer quilts in progress....

Putting the zigzag on an order~

and last but not least a little TLC for my husbands knee surgery this week~I am so happy that he is on this side of it!


  1. Ah tell Maggie I said congrats she will be a great mom I bet and Millie what a cute name I can't wait to see pics. Im glad your hubby's recovery is going well.

  2. Hope dad is feeling better....LOVE THE CATS IN HATS!!!!

    ♥ Firstborn

  3. So many new babies coming to your house. All those curly little heads to love.
    I hope your recovering patient is on his feet again soon. An ailing man doesn't make for a happy house.


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