Some pictures of the Queen~oh on to the hand sewn binding~♥

This ENORMOUS quilt is finally off the rack~lol! I am binding it with the machine tonight on one side and will hand sew the other side~ It's interesting how you can spend so much time quilting a quilt like this and the front does not tell the story at all~ it is a complete story on the back! For all the machine quilters who follow me you know how fickle it is to quilt a quilt with a backing that shows EVERYTHING! 
The only good thing about this "situation" is that it forces me to do it better~slow down~check..check....check...the underside! Oh my.....

 I will take this Queen out to the porch when I have it binded to get a better shot of the front~

 Here are my two girls waiting patiently for me to give them a treat~a scratch~some kind of lovin'!
 Where IS she? says Millie Vanilly~♥


  1. Oh wow, your quilting looks wonderful! I have a new to me HQ16 set up but have not started quilting on it yet. Guess it will be a long while before I use a not-busy backing. Never thought about that part, thanks for the tip. (LOL)

    1. You are going to LOVE your HQ16!!! Be sure you take lessons~I took 9 lessons before I discovered how I wanted to do my quilting~with a piece of chalk ONLY!!! Because everything is hand guided by me, I use rulers or circle templates (groovy boards~worth the money..) only when a quilt demands it~ have fun and e-mail me with any questions!

  2. Your quilt looks wonderful, and I have fallen in love with your two girls, they are beauties !!!

  3. Good Morning Friend
    That is one BEAUTIFUL QUILT!
    Great job. Your furry girls are so precious.
    Hugs Trace

  4. Your quilting is gorgeous! And the two girls are equally beautiful!!


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