Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My little mascot Annie~♥

 This is Annie Feder who I happened to discover in my vintage photo travels....I am inspired by this little girl who has made a choice to be creative in the space she has been given.....

I'm certain she would love to come along with me to my new creative space in Townsend....

You will see her little image on the back of the "Two Wheelers" tags that are dangling from anything hand~made by me..... a little Annie to inspire all of us ...♥

My artistic family will all have their own "mascot" to identify their artwork~I am anxious to see what they find....I will be sure to post each one~

My tags..♥

Wordless Wednesday~♥ Lunch with a wonderful friend~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hands to Work~Hearts to God~♥ Two~Wheelers

My Swedish sister and I have had quite a few inspirational business "meetings" getting ready for our mini store in Townsend~ One of our biggest issues is reeling ourselves in and having an organized plan which I think we have finally done........I!
I am designing some new w00l hooked chair seat rounds~they are very cute and again I have to reel myself in to complete one task before beginning another....
We will have a combination of old and new but all with a vintage cozy feel....♥
busy...busy...busy....o my....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two GoRgEoUs baby quilts for Jane~♥

These are the two of the cutest quilts for two lucky grandbabies~ I was really stumped for a design for the second quilt~I have no idea why~Has that ever happened to you? It was like a writers block~I looked at the quilt for about a week (!) before I put any thread onto it. Alas, all is well and the design came out and onto Janes' beautiful quilt! ♥

Friday, May 13, 2011

Working my way to this spot by sunset~

This is my favorite spot spring, summer and fall for breakfast...I would love to linger but I have lots to do today with quilts and groceries and cleaning~each time I go in and out of the house this space calls my name.....I will make time after supper for sure...♥

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dream it~do it.....♥

Spaulding Cooperage~our new home away from home...♥

I have many many irons in the fire and will be sorting some thru as the next few weeks fly by~ You know when you reach a point in your life when you challenge yourself to take that first step...thats where I am today ~turning the corner quickly as my sister-in-law and I prepare to open a new business venture that will offer our entire talented family an opportunity to showcase their favorite things!

My cup truly runneth over but I will be turning the faucet down a bit to get it all lined up. Pictures will follow as soon as the "store " is ready!!! We are over the moon...
I have quilts to button up and some new projects to complete and some purging to do with some of my favorite is time!

Monday, May 2, 2011

So inspired by todays swap! Thank you Kathleen!!

I am very happily in my sewing space this afternoon quilting again after a busy, busy weekend with my grandies...they are getting way too big too fast...such different personalities~such interesting little people! My house was rocking back and forth I swear at one point as they thundered up and down the stairs~it was such a treat to have the house FULL of kids from stem to stern....♥


On my design wall~♥

I met Kathleen today to bring her a finished quilt (the beautiful pomagranate applique) and we had a fabulous swap!! She gave me a treasure of Kaffe Fassett fabric remnants and along with some other brights AND a the pattern for the Kaffe Flower Pot quilt!!!! The fabrics are beautiful and really inspire me to begin my "Dear Jane".

The deal is still on~will quilt for Kaffe remnants!!


Flower pot pattern!
more remnants...♥

One baby quilt done~back to my machine for Janes' next little quilt!