PrEtTy ViNtAgE OrNiEs~

Here are some very pretty strawberry ornies made from an upcycled quilt from long can see the tiny hand stitches made by a patient quilter back in her day~ I topped them with some hand-dyed wool caps and will add some coffee stained lace and vintage buttons for hanging~♥

 The buy of the weekend~6 pkgs of beautiful embroidery thread~$1.00 each!
 Pricing and list making...


  1. Hello Eileen, Your blog is wonderful and I love the music too. Maggie is absolutely adorable. What breed is she? We used to have a Chocolate lab named Maggie and also a beautiful white shaggy dog named Maggie too. Its a good name. I will have to see if I can find that pic of our Maggies and share it with you. Do you have a shoppe too? and are all those adorable seven yours? You have been truly blessed. Jan

  2. Beautiful strawberries! Love every one.

  3. Lovely strawberries. I have not started Christmas yet...Maggie looks so like my dog Raffi who is an australian labradoodle.

  4. I agree the strawberries are so cute. You did a great job.

  5. Love the strawberry ornies and the thread what a steal!!! Jealous


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