New threads and such.........♥

 I ordered some "new" thread highly recommended by Karen McTavish to try on my next quilt~she has some major claims regarding a beautiful look PLUS never EVER any tension problems when used in combination with the pre-filled bobbins~ I have never used a prefill bobbin before so I am simply excited about the prospect of never having to wind a bobbin again~can you imagine? and no tension problems~EVER~I can't stand it.....I will let you know..`♥  How pretty is her set?

I am still sneaking into my machine quilting room any chance I get....Frans beauty....IT's COMING FRAN!!!! lol!

 Mags this morning after a nice romp~

 Love this magazine........Wool Street Journal......
 It is Santa Tuesday......lots to do....have a great day everyone~♥E


  1. Fil-Tec Glide thread is my absolute favorite. I had heard Karen McTavish had ordered every color they have. You will absolutely love it! Also, I love that gives such good service; I'm sure you've discovered that too. Have a lot of fun with these new threads!

  2. I love that magazine too!!! And the threads wonderful the colors are just so perfect. And maggie's look it just says to me "if you think were done lady were not i've still got another romp in me Missy!!!" she's so cute.


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