morning....♥ and a Fraser cutter for sale!

This is a used Fraser cutter that is looking for a new home~♥she has a long life ahead of her as she is in excellent condition! She does NOT include a wheel my friends~new on my Etsy site today~♥E

Whenever I feel like I have a little too much on my plate that is usually when I begin a new project~why? I have no idea but it works every time....once the project has some wings to it then I can get back to all that waits for me........It is so very nice to see the sun again 'round here....♥


  1. Robin
    I noticed in one of your pictures a HQ machine. I have the avante. Do you have any tips that could help me use some of the different threads. I tried Glide and fooled and fooled with tension but thread still breaks or frays really often. If you could give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated. i am new to longarm just got my machine in March. New Quilter in KY.


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