I used to have lunch every day with my friend Mary when we worked together at a preschool~She was a teacher and I was one of the nurses in the program. We used to talk every week about someday working for ourselves and "could you just imagine" we could long arm in our PJ's.... at memos....And our work would be blessed because it would be inspired by a community of "people like us" People who live to create...It was just a dream but we kept putting that energy out there....
 And now here I am filling orders and stocking my little store and quilting at my Pj's...

 You have to work hard to "not work" in the traditional way but I am here to tell you that it is possible. Keep putting it out there~♥


  1. That's absolutely true Eileen. I've changed my track several times by focussing on what I really wanted. Good on you for achieving your dreams.


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