A cake is worth a thousand words~

My husband of 39 years has a thing for bakery cakes.....so much so that he sometimes will pick one up in between birthdays or any "cake-worthy" occasion. A few years ago he decided when the girl in the bakery said,"would you like something written on the cake?" instead of feeling "foolish" he would simply come up with an answer...These cakes crack me up each and every time.......

I asked him today when I opened the cake box, "Who would this apply to?" He said,"who-ever comes for a visit.." he is a funny guy.....soon to be retired...oh my....


  1. What a wonderful Guy you have their. That is one of the sweetest things I have heard of.

  2. I man who brings home cake is definitely worth keeping. It's a "Good Job" you did keep him.

  3. THIS IS HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ♥ Firstborn


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