Finally back on the grid after 6 days!!

Waking up October 31 after a noisy Nor'easter night,,,,,,,

My poor Jeep!!!!

Cute little grandchildren brought over some coffee and doughnuts~Isabel modeling a cowl scarf for her Nana~she would like one in pink~

Nathan laying down with Maggie~

 Maggie on one of the six no power days~lol!

on another.....

Maggie wondering where the utility trucks are......

Thank goodness I do alot of handwork that requires absolutely no electricity....

 Taking a peek at colors I used in the past projects while I figure out a new one~

My mailman met me at the door with this beautiful bundle of wool~he told me that the trucks were getting closer~♥

Always some new signs to be made...

My quiet kitchen space ~ making hay while the sun shines.


  1. Welcome back! It looks like you made the most of the situation!! I can't even begin to imagine snow right now. So glad your power is back on!

  2. SO glad to here your power is back. Good thing you have your stove to keep everyone warm. Funny thing I have that same heart quilt you show in your last picture :-D

  3. Wow! Snow, and lots of it! Our weather is getting warm enough to swim in our pool so the thought of snow like you've had seems rather odd. Six days without power is a long time, hope you were nice and warm. Love the photo of the snoozers in front of the fire! Take care, Rowena

  4. Wow what a mess so sorry about your jeep and no power 6 days I would have been freezing but I bet it made it easier to think about the holiday and to start crafting for them. Maggie does have that look ... What the heck mom why can't we watch tv again? So funny mine would be barred under a blanket he gets cold easily.

  5. So glad that you're all okay Eileen, heard it was a nasty one...take care

  6. Wow it looks like winter really came early at your home. Love the signs. Good to hear everyone is ok during the storm.

  7. So very glad your power is back on; also glad you had plenty of handwork. It was because of constant power losses that I bought my first treadle--now that I have two, we almost never lose power. Pretty good investment!--Sadly, I doubt if even two treadles could prevent the kind of power outages the NE suffered after all that snow and ice!

  8. Ouch ..... looks like you folks went through a nasty time!


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