WoRkInG FoR A LiViNg!!!♥

Over at our favorite farm.....hmmmmm which way today?

Getting ready~♥

 Here is a sampling of some beautiful things I found at two estate sales over the weekend~I am always so moved by these beautiful collections that someone cherished and has now is so very bittersweet~So I think the next best possible thing is to cherish them or let someone "find" them at the Coop and give them a proper home~we can consider them rescued from their damp musty cardboard boxes back into the light~♥

How pretty will this glassware look for the holidays~filled with candy or vintage Christmas ornaments~

 and these dishes....oh my....

 this is "Henny Penny" getting ready to be displayed at the Coop~♥
 A special cookbook~there were hundreds at the estate sale,,,,


  1. I love the little pitchers with the dainty roses, I wished you lived closer! It's sad to see someone's treasures just boxed and sold off but I am happy that you will help to give them a new home!

  2. Wow! Love the china, both the porcelain and the handpainted pieces.I never, never find the violet/purple pieces in my part of the country. I'm so glad you found it in yours.

  3. The dishes are so beautiful!!! Thank goodness you rescued them they are to pretty to be hidden in boxes.


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