Off to the Coop!

Maggie waiting patiently for me to get my act together this morning..♥
 Upcycled squishy pillows~
 neckroll beauties~
 I am using upcycled vintage sheets for the backs~they are really 'one of a kind"
 This is a quote I have on my sewing room wall that I purchased from an artist in Concord at an open studio many years ago~I have met a lovely new artist at the Coop and will be sure to give her a copy for her new loft in New Hampshire~♥
so very true......


  1. Hey, I have that Claire Murray rug! Love her stuff....i think i have at least 12 of her rugs in my home.!

  2. Hi Irene - Great items for your shop and even cuter Maggie!!! Kris

  3. Oh they look so good. I couldn't do it but I love them. (I have a cutting fear.) btw thanks for the nice comment I feel much btr.


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