Skips' Log Cabin~

Once again Skip has created a beautiful log cabin with rich cottons and soft flannel fabrics~I forgot to ask her where this beauty is going....hmmmm.. The next quilt on my frame is also a quilt done by Skip and it is another applique masterpiece~ I will post it soon!


  1. Beautiful quilt and quilting as always. Do you do the straight stitching on you frame as well?

  2. Hi Sue!
    I actually do the straight line quilting on my long arm~it took lots of practice to get it right without a ruler~ less caffeine for starters! If you look close you will see a wiggle here or there~please don't look! Hope you are well!

  3. Oh Eileen, what eye candy! Mesmerizing...
    Fantastic work!
    Thank you so very much for your comment: a nice relief from the heat!
    we have been enjoying a marathon of Scooby-doo season 1 from 1969 this morning!

  4. Very pretty & interesting Log Cabin variation!
    You did a beautiful job quilting this - love your design choices.

  5. the quilting is incredible. such talent!

  6. Gorgeous quilt,and your quilting is wonderful as usual!

  7. What a beautiful quilt! Your work is so lovely! I'm so happy that you stopped into see me, so that now I might find YOUR lovely blog! What state do you live in? :)


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