Oh My~ August is flying by~

I had an outing this past weekend with "Big E" and the "little Queen". We went to the American Girl doll store and had ourselves a time....They will both be four ( 2 weeks apart) and so we had an early celebration as well. Tara asked me "Is my coolata blanket ready yet?" It's coming my little friend.....it's coming... :)


  1. My granddaughter who will be four in September talks about her trip this Spring to American Girl all the time. :)

  2. Yes! You are right about August flying by!!
    The girls are so adorable and I am sure they will never forget there trip to the American girl store....How fun to share they can share their birthdays!
    : )

  3. Those girls are as cute as can be! I wish I had an excuse to go to the American Girl store!

  4. I know the dolls are popular, but I really love the picture of that piece of cake! The princesses are darling too!

  5. Ah, they are adorable and look like they had a blast at the American Girl store!!

  6. Oh! what adorable munchies you have Robin! I have had such fun looking at them ;o) I went to the AG store in Chicago a few years back and have Molly from the 1940s!
    Many thanks for visiting my blog: it's always exciting to have a new visitor and follower, to get to know another friend in Blogland! {hugs} Nettie


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