Porch readin'

           Here are TWO wonderful books if you are lookin' for your next good read~
"The Forgotten Garden "~ is fantastic up and through to the end ~    
          "Leaving Gees' Bend "~ is the sweetest story I have EVER read~
                              I gave you a small peek inside....♥

I love my library~


  1. I've never been much of a reader, but I may have to look for the Leaving Gees Bend book...thanks for the review and the tease!

  2. I absolutely LOVE The Forgotten Garden. It's one of my favourite books ever. If you liked that, I recommend The Legacy by Katherine Webb. It's wonderful. I will have a look for Leaving Gee's Bend. Thanks for the recommendation. I went to the Festival of Quilts today. What a treat! Watch out for my post about it. x

  3. I just got home from the library and have already begun The Forgotten Garden! I loved The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Literary Society. After reading it, I watched the Island at War BBC series from Netflix and enjoyed it as well!

  4. I lent my library book of, The Forgotten Garden to my friend Sue's mom (who is also my friend : ) and she just called me today, 5 minutes after she was done reading it, to tell me how much she loved it and how she wanted to read it all over again! That's how I felt when I got done~like watching a great movie! So many beautiful passages.
    I will have to look for Leaving Gees Bend next!
    I love my library too!
    : )

  5. I've looked at the Guernsey Lit Soc and Pie book several times but just haven't been able to decide.
    How did you like it?

  6. I haven't started the Guernsey yet~ It looked fascinating so home it came with me!!
    Leaving Gees' bend is a new book and if you are someone who uses a needle and thread to sew thru all your joys and sorrows this book is for you....
    I will post about Guernsey...♥

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  8. I have read the Forgotten Garden, and it was wonderful! Thanks for the suggestions!


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