Thanks Mom!!

So, my mother served a wine to me the other night (sulfite free) which was the best wine I have ever tasted in all of my 58 years....well 21~58!(give or take...I may have had a sip of something before 21...) It is called ~Frey sauvignon blanc~WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!
And now I am doing this adorable purple, every other flying goose is a batik and the back is batik and the rest is cotton, quilt.....and the wine is helping me....
My husband just ordered a case for me at the local WINO~ry....( he surprised me....he knows...♥.)

here are a couple of photos to show you that I am indeed quilting....heehee!!


  1. What a great Guy!
    I'm glad you like the wine Eileen.
    "Mary" is looking forward to her new nook in your yard. After her bath she's good to go.

  2. Quilt looks as if it's going to be beautiful.
    Hey never knew you were SOOOOO OLD... :-)
    Ah... 50's Kid :-) x x x

  3. Glad the wine helped with the quilting. It looks fantastic.

  4. Ah, the perfect man who showers you with wonderful gifts, a Mum who knows how to care for her daughter and all at a fabulous age. Old enough to know better but go on and do it anyway!
    Greatquilting BTW!

  5. what a gem =0} i will have to get some. my favorite is mosacto it is a dessert wine very sweet. hope you had a ahappy mother's day marilyn
    btw: i love the rick rack in your header pic

  6. I'm glad you'rre making progress again now, and what a lovely thing for your DH to do.


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