Pretty little purple quilt~

I know exactly how I am quilting this quilt for Shirley but I am having a problem with thread tension because it has a combination of Batiks and cotton fabric~anyone that has quilted with Batiks knows how the thread likes to lie on the I am trying to figure out a balance as I do threadwork...hmmmm......
I may need some wine.....


  1. Sewing machines and tension.... hum you tend to forget sometimes and gallop on and then realise that you have something wrong. Phew, I thought it was just me. I'll get you a new bottle :-)
    x x x

  2. ummm....yes wine sounds good!!!!

  3. I think a glass of wine will solve all your problems. Have one for me too.

  4. I dislike quilting batiks for that very reason - I find it almost impossible to get the tension right. I hope the wine helps you to get it sorted out.


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