It"s beginning.....

Today was our December breakfast club at the Quilted Crow in Boxborough~ We had such a good time we thought we should stay for lunch!
And then off to my favorite farm in Littleton~I wanted to buy the whole display...
It really feels like the beginning of the Christmas season in my neck of the woods~ And snow tonite!!


  1. Love your pictures. Love the idea of a breakfast club :-)

  2. woo! hoo! merry christmas! just got in, love the post ,that farm is my favorite too ! who new ?...i found many treasures today ,hope you have been good.

  3. Love your Blog! love your dolls!
    who's singing ? very curious

  4. Nice to meet another blogger from MA!

    warm hugs, Linda

  5. Oh my goodness. What a strong will you had!!! I licked the picture, not quite the same. GOOD FOR YOU FOR RESISTING!!!
    It is interesting as long as I get my rest and eat very healthy the parkinson is not as profound.
    I have to keep that in mind. And you are right about a clearer mind. Congratulations!! You did it. I am going to write what sugars and all the other stuff I can not mention does to me.
    Love, kathy
    Ron behave, Love Old Auntie
    Stop on your way home from work and fill up with your party stuff.

  6. bad reaction to my party foods.
    swollen body
    excess fluid
    more pain in joints (joints in body) not places.
    ? feet hurt from extra fluid
    higher cholesterol 20% higher
    depressed after disapointing myself
    more head pain
    logy, loogy,logey one of those
    face puffy
    eyes puffy
    I feel like I am in confession right now.
    I temporarily forget and justify eating party stuff
    feelings of shame
    get a wedgie LOL
    that's it for now
    have to keep watching and taping Dr. Oz it is all about healthy eating to get all your vitals healthy


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