3 beautiful things follow~up....

Kate and I made it to the Alcott house in Concord yesterday, well before the storm...
It was everything that we had anticipated~ The entire Alcott famly was in the house to greet the Christmas visitors~ A local theater group played the parts of Louisa, Meg, Amy, Marmee, and Father. The house was decorated for the holidays and the "girls" put on a play in the living room for the guests...My Kate was mesmerized by the actors so beautiful in their big hoop dresses...me too..
No pictures are allowed inside the house..~ too bad for this Nana....so we took a quick shot outside ( It was S0 cold!!)


  1. I love the pic of poor Kate shivering on the doorstep. A far cry from the previous one where she is in a summer outfit. It's lovely to have special time with your DGD

  2. Lucky you! When my old housemate and I did our whistle-stop tour of New England, we wanted to visit the Alcott house... but went to the wrong Concord :-(

    I'm glad to hear about your visit, though -- it sounds lovely.


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