My one and only~

I have only one quilt in my collection that is hand quilted and this is it! It is called "cherry bricks", a pattern from many years ago and quilted long before I purchased my HQ~16. I must say it is my favorite, not for the colors or style but for the handwork..there is nothing like hand quilting~


  1. I just love hand quilting :) It is beautiful!

  2. I love this quilt. It has a certain charm about it. Your hand quilting is fantastic. I wish I could do that. This quilt is really something to cherish.

  3. Praise the's so good to finally see some hand-quilting in this festival ! And so funny to hear a machine-quilter extolling the beauty of hand-quilting !

    I was beginning to feel like a dinosaur....there's not alot of us handquilters left....atleast among online quilters.

    I like your quilt alot..........especially the loop to loop heart quilt design.

  4. what a beautiful quilt!! i love those cherries!


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