Comforts and Joy!

Oh, Lucy I am really liking this Ripple pattern~ but I think the greatest joy (once again) with crocheting is this ~ it is always waiting for you..right beside your comfortable chair. It's like a mantra that soothes away all that each day lays at your doorstep~


  1. I agree with you. Crocheting and knitting are so nice when you just want to drop in that chair.I always like something in my hands even if I'm just sitting there. At least I look busy.

  2. I"m right there, with you! the rhythm of the hook/needles of crochet and knitting is such a soothing pasttime, what a perfect way to end the day and calm the spirit.

  3. I just love your colours. From one who never mastered either the crochet hook or knitting needles. Well done.


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