I have a thing about bittersweet....

I really do have a problem...This farm (abandoned..) down the road has all the bittersweet one could EVER want~I am always dazzled as I stand in the field wondering where I should start...but the problem sneaks in when I have really picked enough....I can never have enough~I think of all the people who would like a wreath and I get a little more...intervention please!!


  1. ohmygosh...I love bittersweet and cannot get any around here, for some reason! Envying you!!

  2. Doesn't intervention come next spring?

    Very nice of you to make wreaths & share some bittersweet with others. Wish I lived near you. Just beautiful.


  3. I'm not sure what bittersweet is but the pictures tell 1000 words and I love the look of wreaths made with vine. Those orange berries are beautiful. I love your blog Eileen, it's like leaving thro' a country living magazine.

  4. Bittersweet is very pretty but very invasive, and my husband has been working hard to get rid of it much to my dismay. I guess you can say that's my intervention;D It does make very pretty wreaths though!

  5. Jacque~you can find bittersweet near water~streams, brooks,etc. Lots along the highway here in New England!
    Sew Cal~I would have to make you a wreath if you lived near me! If I mailed you one you would have a box of berries!
    Sue~I love hearing from you! Thanks for the kind word~BTW your quilt is four from my machine..I will post it when I put it on~It is a beauty and i cannot wait to quilt it!
    Patty~you are SO correct, bittersweet is a take~over kind of plant, better in someone elses yard!

  6. THANKS for the kind words, and YES, get some BITTERSWEET for me TO! love it!

  7. ME too! I posted a tutorial on picking it last year because so many of my followers had never even seen it!! I finally added it to my sidebar after so many questions.


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