Time flies~

~Tara Rose~

Last week was chock full of everything family~ not a stitch of quilting was done~
This weekend though, I am making hay as I bind one quilt and finish another on the machine~I have a very important quilt to make this week for my little grand-daughter Tara who will be three on the fourth of September ~I will be burning the midnight oil to get it done for her on time!


  1. Don't you just love the energy that comes with a last minute project. Kind of like finishing everything before Christmas Eve. I used to always be sewing doll clothes at the last minute! I have a quilt that needs to be finished by Sept.9, I may have to wrap up the quilt top and then have it machine quilted. It is for my 10 yr old grandson so I want it to be indestructable if possible!


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